Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Booking

Booking Procedure 

UK based operations – Online bookings can be completed in a few simple steps: 

  • Select the appropriate guided activity or SUP hire and check the calendar for the activity title you wish to book. 
  • Full payment is required to book your place online. For most activities there is a two-person minimum booking. If you are a solo traveller, please contact our office to check if there is a group we can match you with.  
  • All under 18’s must be accompanied by a participating adult. 
  • Once you make your booking you will automatically be sent a receipt for your payment and an email containing your Joining Instructions.  

Overseas operations – please contact us on 07787526299 for more information.

Booking Conditions

UK based Operations

  • Your safety is our priority, but all outdoor activities have an element of risk through participation. Highland Experiences will NOT be held responsible for any injury caused because of participating in our activities.  
  • Individuals are advised to take out their own personal insurance to cover any unplanned eventualities that may result from participating in adventurous outdoor activities. There are many companies offering specific trip or annual accident insurance policies. 
  • By booking on an activity you are confirming that you are physically fit and able to participate in your chosen activity. All participants are required to disclose any medical conditions and physical ailments that could affect the paddling trip/ activity they have booked onto. All information will be dealt with in privacy. If you have any queries, please contact to discuss prior to booking. 
  • All participants must agree to follow the instructions of Highland Experiences guides to ensure the safety of themselves, and all group members. Before your activity your instructor will ask you to sign an activity consent/disclaimer form. 
  • Highland Experiences has the right to cancel any activity should there be adverse weather impacting on group safety for paddling activities/ activities, including but not exclusive to excess wind strength/weather warnings/lightning storms. 
  • For our Loch Maree experience should the weather conditions be deemed unsuitable on the day, we have the right to suggest an alternative location.  
  • Highland Experiences cannot be held responsible for any external costs in attending or additional costs incurred through the cancellation of any activity on the grounds of weather or other circumstances. All clients should look at taking out their own personal insurance and/or travel insurance to cover eventualities of missed travel connections, breakdowns, and cancellations due to weather. 
  • Parents and guardians must also recognise a degree of risk to their children. All under 18-year-olds must be accompanied by a participating adult. 
  • Minimum age for kayaking activities is 11-years-old.  Minimum age for Paddle Board Lessons (SUP) is 14-years-old. Minimum age for munro walking is 15-years-old.  
  • To ensure everybody’s safety as far as possible, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel the activities on offer, as weather or group needs dictate.   
  • It may not be possible to change the date of your booking once it had been made. If we can reasonably change the date of your activity, we will do so. There is a £10 administration fee for changing the date of your booking. 
  • Food is not provided on half day or day trips and you must bring my own snacks/packed lunches. Any food offered is done so at your own risk. 
  • For camping based trips a dietary request form will be sent to you before the trip.
  • Highland Experiences cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage of any personal property. 
  • Highland Experiences will potentially use photographs and video in marketing unless you ask for this not to happen. 
  • Highland Experiences will hold all information (verbal or written) in confidence and held in according to current Date Protection law. 
  • Photo use– At the same time as accepting our risk declaration you will also have to accept our photo use policy. We have found the easiest way to share your photos with you is via Facebook and that means we are able to share your photos with you for FREE as it doesn’t take use too long to upload the images. The other methods of photo sharing are too time consuming and we would not then be able to give you the photos for free as we’d need to cover that staff time. As such you will accept that we can use and share your photos on any social media we choose and use the photos in any marketing by us or our partner business. If you have any problem with the above photo use then, you need to inform us, prior to accepting our agreements at the start of the activity, so we may have the option of considering legitimate exceptions to our photo use for you. 
  • Highland Experiences accept no responsibility for damage to vehicles. 
  • Highland Experiences can’t offer a refund for late arrivals on the day of the activity. if you arrive more than 5 minutes late for your activity we reserve the right to not take you and not offer a refund, as you may otherwise effect other customers we have or our staffs working hours / arrangements. 
  • Refunds are not available for local, regional & national disasters: including “act(s) of God” include, but not exclusive to; fire, flooding, lightning, earthquakes, storms/hurricanes, droughts, plagues, and other natural disasters that cannot be accounted for such, but not exclusive to; acts of terrorism, war, worker strikes, civil unrest, food/fuel shortages, or other local, regional, or national emergency. 

Overseas Operations

Please contact us on 07787526299 for more information.

Cancellation Policy 

  • It is strongly advised that all clients consider taking out their own holiday/activity insurance policy. It is possible to take out insurance against last minute cancellation for reasons such as illness and so on, check travel insurance providers for that. 
  • If you cancel within 28 days of the booked activity, you will not receive a refund. The client is welcome to forward their place to a friend or family member at no charge. This is because we may have already made employment arrangements with staff or turned away other potential clients. We do, at our discretion, offer vouchers for future activities to people who have to cancel, this is assessed on a case-by-case basis. 
  • If we cancel due to weather, we will try and offer a mutually convenient alternative time for an experience. If there is no alternative available, you will receive a full refund minus a £10 administration fee.  

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) measures   

  • As we all know being outdoors and staying active is the best way to keep healthy. The outside aspect of our activities is low risk. To help reduce risk of Covid, meeting and greeting of clients will take place outdoors. 
  • Anyone with Covid-19 symptoms or having tested positive for Covid-19, will not be permitted to attend our activities or in the case of staff to work. All staff and clients are reminded of the need for regular hand washing and physical distance spacing recommendations.  

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